“In outrage we trust”:
put that on the dollar.

We say we hate the incivility,
so why the popularity,
47 million daily
drinking it in,
superconcentrated vinegar
of some doomsday fearmongerer
and it’s coming at us from all sides:

They are vampires, and they are trying
to suck the lifeblood out of the economy.

They are political terrorists, and like all terrorists,
their number one goal is to blow things up.

That’s what the outrage artists say
about they, they, they.
Generating ratings.
Not the first time we’re seeing
this divide-and-conquer strategy
making people hate
and the ones on top on the take
grabbing all those advertising dollars…

Are we outraged yet?

Life already makes us afraid–
national security
police killing unarmed black men
hacking threats
gun rights
sexual assault.

The doctors say the election’s making us crazy,
the doctors say we’re stressed out majorly
and that’s when the outrage artists say say say
about they, they, they–
go straight to the negative,
make the worst definitive,
disqualify the opponent from the human race.

It’s like the Civil War but today,
and shall those dead have died in vain?

But 47 million daily
drink it in,
superconcentrated vinegar
of the doomsday fearmongerer
and the secret is this:
when you scare the heck out of me
then turn right around and give me someone to blame
it goes deep into my brain
it triggers dopamine
it feels FINE
it’s like spiritual methamphetamine
it’s addiction outrage.

Yoda and all the others
aren’t lying when they say
don’t go down that dark path,
don’t go over to the dark side,
don’t let blame be your source of peace…

We say we hate the incivility
but do we know the reality
of what the outrage artists really do?
How their talk is apocalyptical
and things just got mythical
and regular Janes and Joes
are revealed as cosmic soldier heros
in a Battle of Absolute Evil and Good?

Why don’t we just step away from our screens?
Why don’t we just step away, carefully,
from the shouting matches
of our Facebooks and Twitters
and just see eachother face-to-face,
just see?

America is a thing we have to learn how to share
between you, you, you
and me, me, me,
and we are parts of the sea of humanity
many-sided, complicated beings
wanting good things for our families…

It’s like the Civil War but today
and shall those dead have died in vain?

Are we outraged yet?

Are we?