It’s Enough
for Nancy

Of course sunsets are beautiful
but then there is this one, on this beach:

no Hallmark abstraction,
not someone else’s story,

but real with colors so vivid
they press into your eyes,

they dazzle, they make you come alive,
you want more,

more and more,
but the earth keeps relentlessly turning,

it gets darker and darker
until the shadows overwhelm. Beauty flows

then goes. Hold on
and it’s like your fingers carefully trying

to cup precious water
which leaks out anyway….

How do the things we can’t change
change us?

How do we endure
the constant burning

of missing what we love
impossible to carry forward from the past?

I paced the beach, ruminating, sad,
too upset to see the gorgeousness

unveiled behind me….
But then a finger tapped,

I turned to see an old man,
and with not one word

he gave me a tiny cracked shell
like a Zen koan answer….

In my hand: the sunset.
Enough, and more than enough.

Nov. 18 2012