Mother Body

1. Words of Love

For now, no more blood
will you shed in sympathy
with the pull of the cool night’s moon.

I grow inside your womb,
am soothed by your heart’s beating
like the thrum of river waters rising.

In this Eden I begin
as when the world itself began
immediately at your words of love.

Underneath your touch
I ripen like the fruit of Life
swelling out to stretch your golden skin.

2. The Sharpest Thorns and Cruel Pains

What have I done?
What have I done?
Suddenly my bones
burn, they
dislocate, they
spear my heart
as I hang, as I’m crammed
inch by inch
down a serpentine
way, and
you are screaming too….
How can I feel so apart
within you?
O will my eyes ever
open? Will I
die? Eden’s gone,
it is gone and there’s no one
to remember
me. What have I done?

3. The First Revelation

In whom we are endlessly born
Out of whom we shall never come

mother body of grace
mother body of pain

mother body of degradation
mother body of redemption

Eden lost and found and lost again,
eternal round of You

and me the tiny body born
again and again and again


This poem was originally inspired by my reading of the 14th century Christian mystic Julian of Norwitch. In her book Showings, she spoke of God as a mother, as well as Christ. To this, I brought my sense of personal and spiritual growth as a process of birthing–being born and reborn again, together with all its pains and joys.

Julian of Norwitch is probably best known for her saying, “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” So may it be.



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