Cultural appropriation: Use of another culture’s symbols, rituals, literature, etc, in disrespectful or even destructive ways.

Cultural appropriation happens when the following tests are not met:

1. Failing the test of sincerity:
The borrower uses the item with the ulterior motive of escaping himself/herself or his/her own community
The borrower uses the item as a mere means to forwarding some narrow agenda that is unfaithful to what the item stands for
The borrower uses the item in other ways that do not demonstrate a sincere desire to engage the source culture honestly and authentically

2. Failing the test of skillful means
The borrower mis-uses the item; he/she uses it in a way that’s very different or opposite of how it is used in its source community
The borrower uses an item without appropriate attribution

3. Failing the test of sensitivity:
The borrower uses an item that is central to a marginalized/highly vulnerable community’s sense of self-identity and strength. In such a way, in only enacts further marginalization and oppression.


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